200 - Career Accelerator - Basic Training (Accelerator Introduction)

18 modules


Ray Burchett



Recommended for anyone desiring to reconnect to Absolute Performance Truths propaganda (False Narratives promoted by the Popular Culture) has separated us from. 

Participants learn how to secure and strengthen independent thought. Curiosity is unlocked. Creativity and imagination are activated to foster collaboration manifesting in superior awareness realizing individual and collective potential. If you are ready to experience how much more you are capable of, then this is for you.

The Accelerator Introduction develops objective intelligence to direct self-improvement. You gain the foundational knowledge and tools, eliminating the lag between machine advancement and human development. You earn the power to secure professional standing in a rapidly changing digital world. Completing the Accelerator Introduction initiates compliance with the High Intuitive Function (HIF) Performance Standard maximizing talent, time, and resources. You learn how to develop high sensitivity for preparedness to precisely target effort.  

Knowledge quizzes are included and must be passed to continue to the next module. Unlimited attempts - we do not record the number of attempts or scores. Answers are presented after the first attempt. The Quizzes highlight what should be in your study notes. 

Training Modules:

Module One (11:47): Preface

Module Two (47:25): Introduction (Threat Assessment)

Module Three (21:06): Brain Function

Module Four (39:35): Absolutes

Module Five (24:18): Alignment 

Module Six (47:37): Alpha Tools

Module Seven (9:38): Primary Questions (Baseline Part 1)

Module Eight (11:44): Rational Perspectives (Baseline Part 2)

Module Eight B (11:05): 90-Day Improvement Challenge

Total Basic Training (Accelerator Introduction) instruction time: 3:44:17


Secure and strengthen independent thought to break free from the Psy Ops Warfare Cycle of Demoralization-Destabilization-Crisis-New Normal (Great Reset).   

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CA M1 Preface (11:47)
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VG Module 1 Exam
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CA M2 - Introduction (47:27)
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VG Module 2 Exam
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CA M3 - Brain Function (21:06)
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VG Module 3 Exam
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CA M4 - Absolute Performance Truths (39:35)
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VG Module 4 Exam
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CA M5 - Alignment (24:18)
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VG Module 5 Exam
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CA M6 Alpha Tools (47:37)
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VG Module 6 Exam
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CA M7 - Primary Questions (Defining a Baseline- Part 1) (09:38)
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VG Module 7 Exam
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CA M8 - Rational Perspectives (Defining a Baseline - Part 2) (11:44)
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VG Module 8 Exam
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CA M8 B 90-Day Challenge (11:05)
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