Empowering Professionals and their Organizations to Outperform

Ethics & Performance Training teaches how to achieve the high awareness to best anticipate customer, team, and organizational needs.


Just under 6 hours of instruction, broken out into 17 on-demand learning modules, collectively requiring 12-14 hours of homework; build the foundation necessary to ensure ethical conduct, high performance, and strong leadership are developed and consistently applied. Course includes the 90 Day Reflection Cycle (60 Reflections: one each weekday for 12 weeks) providing highly targeted direction and guidance to support practical application by tailoring the Intuitive Development Process to individual development and performance needs. 17 learning modules + 17 quiz modules + 60 reflections = 94 modules. ​​Students take away the understanding, knowledge, and tools needed to stay ahead of real-time events and an ever accelerating rate of change. They secure their independence and identities from the ever increasing power of machines by learning how to build, maintain, and add horsepower to the internal engine optimizing decision-making and execution.  Upon completion of the learning modules you will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your CV as evidence of your commitment to performance excellence. If you are not satisfied with Ethics & Performance Training after you have completed the instruction and exercises then just email cservice@intuitiveperformance.com within 30 days of your purchase explaining why it fell short of your expectations and Accelerated Intelligence LLC will refund your purchase price. Read More


Based on 5 Star Rate Intuitive Development Training Core. Empowers Executives to recognize and neutralize risks and threats higher education, professional development, and organizational training have not prepared them for. Business and financial reporting does not understand these risks and threats well enough to cover. Higher awareness moves decision-making from the technology equivalent of a Folding Map to GPS System leading to better information, faster analysis, and greater value creation. Executive Accelerator: 3 Phased, 40 hour hybrid program completed over 12 months.   Integrates on-demand instruction with one-on-one debriefings and check-ins. Providing the guidance and reinforcement necessary to complete essential exercises and 90-Day Reflection Cycle tailoring the Intuitive Development Process to individual development and performance needs. Phase I & II are completed in less than 30 days’ time and position the Executive to take actions improving the entire Performance Cycle. The Executive will gain the: Clarity to best develop, communicate, and support performance expectations. Direct firm/agency in a manner ensuring its evolution. Ability to make their commitment to the professional and personal well-being of team members highly transparent. Accelerates development; improves performance, retention, and recruiting of top talent. Perspective to guide clients in their efforts to grow and secure long-term viability. Improves client retention and probability for increased revenues. Phase III is completed over the balance of the year to ensure assimilation and practical application of instruction and tools. Team Training Option Ethics & Performance Training utilizes the same on-demand learning modules and Reflection Cycle contained in the Executive Accelerator. This provides the Executive with the option to extend affordable training to team members and provide debriefings and check-ins themselves. This option strengthens leader-team relationships and fills the Learning Gap for team members.      Read More

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